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Mountain Side Blues

The Mountain Side Blue is a bloodline that originated in the 1980's and have ben breed and improved every since. These are not miners, mugs, travelers, bergs, dragons, rainbows, high creek, little mountains, danny boys, koopmans or any of the other 100s of breeds of blues that have been breed over the past 100-200 years.

   Mountain Side Blues are a combination of American, Irish, Spanish or Oriental gamefowl. These were breed for the purpose of cockfighting when it was still legal in many states. As a historical perspective they were a fast cutting aggressive bird that fought much the same way as the Peruvian gamefowl fights today. Speed power and brains. They would force high breaking speed cocks onto the ground. Then they would cut hard and fast to the other roosters vital areas. The head and under the wings to his vital organs. However now cock fighting is illegal in most to all states and territories these birds cannot legally be breed or advertised for such uses. For this reason the young is monitored for such characteristics as the original line to preserve historic and traditional gamefowl qualities.

   A greet show bird with a lovely and colorful plumage, these are great for modern and traditional poultry showing campaigns. Make greet free rangers, setters and an average layer of mostly white and tinted eggs with a few hens laying a brown or slightly colored egg. Most cocks are around 5-51/2 lb with some exceptions, hens being roughly 1 lb lighter in weight.

Our fowl are breed for legal shows and sabongs around the world. Such as 4-H, APA, and AGBA shows. We do not sale fowl for any illegal uses, we do not condone or support any violation of any law. Our fowl are breed and sold for legal uses only.

We guaranty all our customers to be satisfied with the quality of the fowl we supply. God bless you all and thank you for your interest in our blood line. Your Friend John

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